Chicago native, Johari Noelle & band, will be gracing us with a live performance at FLIP THE HOUSE, 10.18.18..

Buy your tickets now before they sell out!



Johari Noelle was born and raised on the South side of Chicago. Music grabbed Johari’s attention as a young girl. Johari was born into a family full of music lovers. With a father who was a disc jockey, an uncle who is a blues musician and a grandfather who was a jazz enthusiast, the love grew naturally.

Johari started performing early with a background in choir and musical theater.

Inspired by the creative energy of Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, and Amy Winehouse and their music, Johari decided that entertainment would no longer be just a hobby for her. It was late in her grammar school years that she started performing for classmates and putting pen to paper, writing her own music. It was through writing her music that she learned that music could heal one’s heart, confidence, and soul. Johari’s songs are an authentic, account of her most secluded feelings and life experiences.

In the fall of 2015, she caught the eye and ear of a Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson who were searching for talented singers for an all-girl group. Johari auditioned and earned a spot on BET’s new show “Chasing Destiny.” Working with Kelly and Frank gave Johari her first look into just how hard great stars work. Johari experienced the long nights, early mornings, and high pressure that stars deal with daily. Johari’s experience working with Kelly & Frank showed her the importance of always being prepared and never being afraid to be vulnerable.

“ Music taught me how to express my most vulnerable feelings. You know the ones you usually would be embarrassed to say out loud.” “I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else for the rest of my life other than writing music. I don’t feel like I’d be myself without music and God at the center of my life.”

After finishing her time on Chasing Destiny, Johari met artist/producer LAVanGogh and mixing engineer/ VSOP Studios owner Matt Hennessy and began collaborating on what would become her first project.

Recently Johari was selected to play one of the biggest Sofar Sounds Shows of the year at Willis Tower. Johari also opened up for Sir The Baptist and just days later won second place in the Chicago Next Showcase. Johari is set to release her debut project TYCSOL October 15th.

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